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AbiWord uses plugins to provide less used functionality without increasing the size of the base AbiWord installation. This page lists the plugins available, their functionality (if not obvious from the name), and their status.


Import Export Filters

Plugin NameStableDevOSBrief Description
applix++++*Import and Export Applix Word files
bz2abw++++++++++*Import and Export BZ2 compressed AbiWord files
clarisworks++*Import and Export Clarisworks files
coquille++++++++*Docbook extensions
docbook++++++++*Import and Export Docbook files
eml++++++++++*Import and Export as MS Outlook Email files
++++++++++UnixView any Image that GTK+ can
(this is incorporated into Abiword itself in versions 2.2.4 and later)
graphics/bmp++++++++*View Bitmap Images
graphics/jpeg++++++++++*View JPEG Images
++++++++++UnixView Scalable Vector Graphics
++++++++++*View and format images that ImageMagick supports
(this has been removed since AbiWord 2.2.4)
graphics/svg++NADont use this. Does not work
graphics/wmf++++++++++*View Windows Metafiles
+++ Win32View BMP, WMF, and JPEG images
hancom++*Hancom Word Importer. Only does text
hrtext++++++++*Export text with "newsgroup" markup
html++++++*Import HTML files
iscii-text++++++++*Import/export ISCII text files (Indic script)
kword++++*KWord Import and Export
latex++++*LaTeX export
mswrite++++++*Import MSWrite files
nroff++*Nroff/Man file format
Office Open XML++++++*Import and Export Office Open XML files. Exporter is 3 stars, importer 2.
OpenWriter++++++++*1Import and Export OpenOffice files
OpenDocument+++++++*1Import OpenDocument files
pdb++++++*Import/export Palm Database files
pdf++++*Export Adobe PDF files? (see FaqCreatingPDFs first)
psion++++++*Import and Export Psion files
pw++*Import PatheticWriter files
sdw++++++*1Import StarOffice 5.x files
t602++++++*Import T602 files
wml++++++++*Import and Export WML files
WordPerfect++++++++*1Import Wordperfect files
WordPerfectNANA*1Export Wordperfect files (currently disabled)
xhtml++++++++*Import html/multipart html
xsl-fo++++++*Import and Export XSL-FO


Plugin NameStableDevOSBrief Description
abicommand++++++*2Allows command line control of AbiWord
abigimp++++++*Edit Embedded Images with a paint program, usually the Gimp (aka abipaint)
aiksaurus++++++++++*2English language thesaurus
babelfish++++++++*Translate selected text
freetranslation++++*Translate selected text
gda++++++++UnixDatabase MailMerge
gdict++++++++UnixLook up definitions of selected text
google++++++++*Search Google for your selected text
gypsython++++*Python MailMerge
(this has been removed for AbiWord 2.4)
link-grammar-++*Grammar checker
OTS++++++UnixCreate document summaries
shell++++++*Execute shell commands from within AbiWord
urldict++++*Web URL based dictionary
wikipedia++++*Search online encyclopedia for selected text

Notes for the Reader

  • If the plugin name appears as a link (blue), follow the link to get more explanation of the plugin.
  • If the same plugin appears twice in a table, it may be to show different ratings for different features. (Example: The wordperfect plugin is shown twice, once for import, once for export, with different ratings for each.)
  • All “published” plugins are available at unless the rating (e.g., “+++”) appears as a link (i.e., blue) – if so, follow the link to find the plugin. Not all plugins are “published” – in the words of Mark Gilbert: “We don’t provide binaries of the totally-not-working or not-even-buildable plugins (which may be listed in the matrix). There is also sometimes inconsistency from one release to another (for example, rui built abiaik for 1.0.3, but not 1.0.4).” It will be a goal of this page to try to refine this information and present it better – your help is needed.
  • If it becomes appropriate, we may add two more columns to indicate the last known revision for which the plugin was available (or find a way to incorporate it in the existing columns).


Shamelessly copied (with *minor* changes) from KOffice 1.2 Filters.

+++++: The plugin is stable and works well.
++++: The plugin generally works well.
+++: The plugin generally works well, however some features might be missing or might not work correctly yet.
++: The plugin generally works although it is not finished, and it may suffer from some instability.
+: Work has begun on the plugin although the code is still at an early stage of development, and may not work properly.
!: An author has volunteered to work on the plugin, although the code does not actually exist yet, or is at a very early stage of development.
-: The plugin does not currently exist, and nobody is working on it.
?: The status of this plugin is unknown, as its development has been abandoned.
*: For all AbiWord platforms, though availability may be limited.

1: These plugins while generally cross platform, require gsf/glib libraries. (Binaries may only be available in separate plugin package.) 2: Mostly cross platform, but requires work to support several of AbiWords supported ones. NA: Operating system/supported platforms Not Available or otherwise unknown (please update me!). Unix: Availability is limited to platforms with Unix features, e.g. Linux, Unix, and perhaps other Posix compatible operating systems. Win32: Availability is limited to platforms providing the Win32 (R) API, e.g. Windows, ReactOS, and perhaps Wine. Mac: Availability limited to Apple (Mac OS X and newer) compatibles.

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