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Features that OpenDocument has but AbiWord doesn't

These features are not imported correctly or even not imported at all.

  • Nested frames.
  • Even distribution of contents to all section columns.
  • Asymmetric text columns.
  • Page anchored frames defined on the beginning of the document, not from inside an OpenDocument paragraph.
  • Nested sections.
  • Character anchored frames.
  • Multiple page sizes and orientation whitin the same document.
  • Have the current rendition of a TOC (Table of Contents) on its document file (AbiWord exports only the properties of a TOC).
  • More than a single style to fill each level of a TOC (i.e.: TOC level 1 gathers from styles "Heading 1" and "Chapter Title")
  • Use of index marks to build up TOCs and, also, index mark thenselves :-).

See OpenDocument support page for user questions.

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