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How do I create a PDF document from AbiWord?


On Windows, the easiest way to create a PDF is to use a PDF printer driver. These programs create a virtual printer that can be selected while printing, allowing you to create PDFs from any program that has print functionality. Some of the more common printer drivers are:

  • *PDFCreator*, a free (licensed under the GNU GPL) printer driver that allows you to create PDFs, postscript files, and images (e.g. PNG and TIFF, among others).
  • *Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer* and *Adobe Acrobat Distiller*, two printer drivers that come with Adobe products and may already be installed on your computer.


There are quite a number of options for producing PDF output on Unix systems, some of which allow saving of hyperlink information:

  • Choose *PDF* from the *Save As* dialog


Mac OS X offers native support for PDF creation.

  • Choose *Save As* from the print dialog

Can I request built-in PDF exporting capabilities?

This feature has been requested before and can be tracked at Bug 1016. On a side note, preliminary PDF input support is available in the development version of AbiWord with the use of Poppler. See the mailing list announcement for more information regarding this feature.

Can I use the PDF plugin mentioned on the PluginMatrix page?

No, this plugin hasnt been maintained in many years and doesnt ship with newer versions of AbiWord.

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