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WinFAQ: Missing msvcr70.dll File

It seems there is another dll dependency for AbiWord — msvcr70.dll.

Nightly builds and other builds done with MS Visual C/C++ 7 or later require a different C runtime library than the release builds (which are done with MS Visual C/C++ 5 or 6).

For nightly builds obtained from refer to the top of the page for necessary DLLs which are not included in the installer (presently msvcr70.dll & msvcp70.dll, the C and C++ runtime libraries).

I found a source to download the file by doing a Google search on ["msvcr70.dll" download]. Downloaded from The file I got was zipped, and, when unzipped said "bad date". Copied to c:\windows\system and seems to work fine (I did not have to reboot).

_Hmm, clicked on "check version" to try to pin down which version of AbiWord I have, got taken to this page which seems to imply I have a version before 1.0 -- I dont believe that. I thought there was a place to get a very precise version number, like from the Help menu, but all it says (in this case, at least) is "CVS-HEAD". I may need to report a bug, but I probably wont do it today -- Ill wait a little while and see if I get any comments here. Just to be clear, the bug would be that =Help -> Check Version= for a build after 1.0 takes you to a page that seems to imply you have a build from before 1.0 -- not sure if a fix would be needed in AbiWord or on the web site (or both)._

Looks like it is in bugzilla as bug 4148.

For version checking, if Help->About does not provide a detailed enough one (such as the case with nightly builds), right click on the executable, select properties, then the version tab; alternately, simply insert into a document the build id/version via Insert->Field->Application->Build ID


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