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WinFAQ: How to Install Additional Dictionaries

Main.MichaelMoore asked:

Id like to install some dictionaries that are not in the ispell_dictionary_list.xml file. It seems to be fairly simple to edit this file by hand, but I cant find the country_Locale codes for the dictionaries Im trying to install (these are pre-made iSpell hash files Ive found various places online). If someone can point me to a source for this information, I will write a detailed FAQ about this, including where to find the dictionaries that arent on the abiword download page, and how to edit the xml file. Thanks.

Main.DomLachowicz responded:

Those codes are ISO 639 language codes and ISO 3166 country codes. Examples:
  • English: en
  • English, as spoken in America: en_US
  • English, as spoken in Australia: en_AU
  • Portuguese: pt
  • Portuguese, as spoken in Portugal: pt_PT
  • Portuguese, as spoken in Brazil: pt_BR
  • Russian: ru
  • Russian, as spoken in Russia: ru_RU
However, please make the AbiWord developers of any languages missing from our existing Ispell support. Also, please note that with Enchant, this process is entirely different. Thanks, Dom


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