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FAQ: AbiWord Supported Platforms

AbiWord is a cross platform word processor -- on what platforms does AbiWord work?

_I started an answer below, perhaps a better alternate approach would be to provide a link to an appropriate page on the "main" web site._

Note that currently, a "stable" release exists (1.0.x) (without table support), and a "CVS head" release is being developed (with table support). The CVS head release can be obtained as a precompiled binary from a few locations -- see ObtainingBinariesOfCvsHead.

  • Windows -- both the stable and CVS head releases are intended to work under Windows (AbiWord may take advantage of features available in newer releases of Windows, but should work with Windows 95b or later Win9x series and Windows NT 4.0 or later with the WinNT series)
  • Linux -- both the stable and CVS head releases are intended to work under Linux
  • Other Unices --
  • Beos -- development for the Beos platform stopped with AbiWord version ??? -- it may still be available somewhere (where?)
  • QNX -- development still continues but is slow, assistance would be appreciated Im sure
  • Other (Windows CE, DOS{386+}, ?) may possibly exist in the future, but dont hold your breath

For more about the status on the Apple MacIntosh, see MacFaqPlatforms.


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