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FAQ: Uninstalling AbiWord

_Im not sure whether I should have one page for all OSs, or one for each — Ill try it this way first._

In general, you may wish to take steps to save your preferences file _or maybe these procedures dont destroy it_ — if somebody knows, please add an appropriate not(es) on this page, or links to other appropriate pages_

from Windows

Use the standard Windows uninstall utility — on Win95 and Win98 go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, scroll throught the list, select AbiWord, and click on Add/Remove. (If AbiWord is installed, it will be uninstalled, if AbiWord is not installed, you wont find it in the list.)

from Linux

rm -rf /usr/bin/AbiWord-2.0 /usr/lib/AbiWord-2.0 /usr/share/AbiSuite-2.0

_must you be root? Im not sure and currently dont have AbiWord installed anywhere in Linux to check_

from MacIntosh



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