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FAQ: AbiWord Tutorials

Q: Where can I find an AbiWord tutorial?

A: Here are a few. The first three (with alternate versions of the presentation) were created for a class at the University of South Florida. Heres is the text of the class assignment.

The second and third tutorials seem to have a focus on accomplishing definitive tasks. The first seems focused more on learning specific activities or techniques.

_My comments here are mostly hearsay — I started to read the alternate versions of the first tutorial, but never finished. Ive asked some others (novices to AbiWord) to read them, and may post more of their feedback here._

A reference sheet for equation editor is available.

See online at: http://abisource.com/~msevior/math-reference.html Download as Abiword file: http://abicollab.net/documents/download/2846/latest/abw

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