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FAQ: Creating Templates

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 20:44, John L. Clark wrote:

Is there a way to create a new template and add it to the template list, so that a new document can be created with a user-defined template? Or is the recommended solution to simply open a file which has been saved as a template? Are these two solutions functionally equivalent?

Dom Lachowicz replied:

Yeah, its easy to create a new template. Simply create a normal abiword document using abi, and "Save As->AbiWord Template (.awt)". Now for this to come up in the template dialog list, you have to move this file to one of these two directories: ~/.AbiSuite/templates or /$prefix/share/AbiSuite/templates

Alan Horkan added in a separate post that the two solutions were functionally equivalent.

Followup Questions (may move to a different FAQ):

  • Can you change the template applied to an existing document (for example, to change the definitions of the styles, in other words, sort of a stylesheet functionality)?
  • How?

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