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FAQ: AbiWord Mailing Lists

How do I subscribe to the user list?

You can sign up for the Users Mailing List by sending an email to abiword-user-request@abisource.com with "subscribe" in the message body. Note carefully, send to the adminstrative address abiword-user-request@abisource.com which is quite different from the actual list abiword-user@abisource.com.

How do I unsubscribe from the user list?

You can unsubscribe from the Users Mailing List by sending an email to abiword-user-request@abisource.com with "unsubscribe" in the message body.

How do I subscribe to the developer list?

If you are interested in contributing towards Abiword, you can subscribe to the developer's list by sending an email to abiword-dev-request@abisource.com with "subscribe" in the message body. Gmail users, kindly ensure that your message body is in "Plain Text Format". To send an attachment along with your mail, zip or gzip your contents and attach it along with your mail, otherwise you mail is likely to be marked as spam and discarded.

How do I write to the developer list?

Once you have received the subscription confirmation, you can send your mails to abiword-dev@abisource.com.

How do I write to the user list?

Once you have subscribed to the list, just send your e-mails to abiword-user@abisource.com

How should I behave on the mailinglist?

Standard Netiquette applies. In particular, disable HTML and dont send binaries attachments like .exe and .dll Windows files. Please also read the Support Expectations document.

Remember that this project is run entirely by *volunteers* in their spare time.

Why not put something like [abiword-user] in the Subject line of every message?

The Abisource team have a tradition of doing things the right way. Messing with the Subject line can break the Threading functionality in some email programs. Virtually all email programs support some sort of mail filtering and it is the responsibility of the user to filter their mail. It is recommended that you filter based on the Sender which will always be

Sender: owner-abiword-user@abisource.com

For more information see the mailing list archives.

Why not set the Reply-To: to automatically go to the mailing list?

If the Reply-To address is automatically set to go to the mailing list there is a risk that people will accidentally send mail to the many many people subscribed to the list. The alternative may be mildly inconvenient to some but it is the right thing to do and is the best anwser for the most people. Some of the more advanced email clients have features that allow you to indicate that certain email address are mailing lists and your email program will automatically change the address so that Reply-To will go to the list (something like the kmail "Reply List" command).

Some email programs have other features that may be helpful. For example, in kmail (at least version 1.4.3) if you right click on any address in an email, then select "Reply to" from the context menu that pops up, kmail will generate a reply to that address with the text of the original email quoted. _Which text is quoted depends on other settings in kmail, including whether =Use Smart Quoting= is checked or not on the Settings --> Composer --> General tab._

Which email programs have a "Reply List" command that can change the address so a reply will go to a (the?) list?

  • kmail (1.4.3 (??) and above) with certain quirks — if the list address is a cc it will also be a cc in the reply, and, in any case, other addressees may also appear in the =To:= header — you will probably want to delete those.
  • Balsa supports this as well. It is called "Reply to list"
  • Evolution also has this feature.

Which email programs have a feature like the kmail context menu "Reply to"?

  • kmail (version 1.4.3 and later, maybe earlier versions??)

Does everyone agree that not setting the Reply To: for a mailing list is the one right way?

No, but AbiWord is not the place to discuss that.

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