Announce: Preliminary AbiWord 2.2.4 Autopackage for Linux

From: Robert Staudinger <>
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 17:49:09 CET

Hello AbiWord Users,

I am working on an Autopackage [1] of the recently released AbiWord

You can download a preliminary version of the AbiWord 2.2.4 Autopackage
here [2]. It's compiled with GNOME support, so you need the gnome libs
in order to run it. Please tell me about problems if you think they are
triggered by bugs in the package. If you don't know what autopackage is
go here [1]. In short, autopackage lets you install packages on your
machine which have not been packaged specifically for your linux
distribution. I think that's cool.

If you encounter problems please describe them in AbiWord's bug tracking
tool [3].

You can track the progress of the package at my abisource page [4].


- Rob

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