Re: plugins translation portughese

From: <>
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 04:50:20 CET

Benelli terra wrote:
> I want know about plugins Babelfish and Freetranslation for English/
> Portughese and Wikipedia -portughese too..
> The Freetanslation plugin instaled translates only to German (or PL)
> and the Babelfish doesn't works ( message of error).
> Anyone can help me? ( I really need a translator, can you see)
> Thanks.

Both the Babelfish and Freetranslation plugins worked for me when
converting from Portuguese to English and from English to Portuguese (I
tried with 2.2.4 on Windows XP). The Wikipedia plugin doesn't currently
support languages other than English, though (see Bug 7424 in bugzilla).

To translate text from Language A to Language B:
- Type text in Language A and make sure the language for that selection
of text is set to that same language using Tools > Set Language
- Tools > Use Babelfish Translation
- Select Language B and press OK
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