RPMs for Mandrake

From: Michael Ward <mward_at_interbaun.com>
Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 05:57:03 CET

I asked Mandrake about this several days ago and there has been no response so

The AbiWord web site says Mdk RPMs are available at the Mdk web site, but I
cannot find any abiword downloads. Searches for "abiword" just turn up a list
of docs that mention abiword.

I used to be able to get abiword via urpmi, but it doesn't work now - says the
URL doesn't exist. Am I just really stupid or what? Can anyone give me a URL?

Thanks for any help.

Michael Ward, BA, HC, MA, A+, N+
Classics, Grant MacEwan College
mward at interbaun d_o-t com
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