Variable Date

From: Keith Powell <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 14:48:38 CET

I am trying to set up my own letter template, in the format of:

My address1
My address2
Current date in the British format. (that is, for example, 24th February
2005 - or even 24 February 2005).

But I want the date to be a variable so that it is correct whenever I
use the template.

Using insert->date does not make it a variable. There is nothing in
the insert->field->date menu which is of the correct format. I can't
see how to use the customisable date/time to see if I can set that up
to be how I want the variable date to be.

Is what I want possible, please, or have I continue typing the date in
each time I write a letter?

This is the only "shortcoming" of Abiword which I have found, and I use
it as much as possible.

Many thanks for any help

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