Re: Outline mode

From: Jim Sabatke <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 16:06:14 CET

Ruth A. Kramer wrote:

>Jim Sabatke wrote:
>>If abiword doesn't have this feature, are there any plans to implement
>>it? This is a very important consideration for me, and I know for
>>others from discussions on the OpenOffice forums (they don't have it
>As others have mentioned, there is something that does folding within
>lists (only, afaik). That is not the equivalent of what Word
>does--folding of an entire document (or parts thereof) based on the
>headings in the document.
>I think there is an automatic ToC which can be helpful to at least view
>the outline structure of the document.
>There is a bug/RFE for outline
>mode-- (AbiWord's)
>Bugzilla has a voting mechanism--if you want to see this feature
>implemented vote, register in bugzilla and vote. IIRC, you have 30
>votes and can assign multiple votes to a single item.

Thanks, I will do this

>BTW, in OpenOffice (or StarOffice, or both) you can bring up a panel
>that shows the outline structure of the document--I think the <F9> key
>does it.
Yes, you can, and there have been a lot of discussions on why this is
inadequate. For example, it can't collapse multiple sections at a time
so you can view/edit several other sections. For some reason, open
source word processor teams are resisting this functionality that is an
important "thinking" and "organizing" feature that many have come to
depend on in almost every MS Windows word processor.

It is also an extremely important feature to learning disable people,
such as people with ADD or ADHD where thinking organization tools are
the difference between being able to do a job, or failing miserably at it.

>Randy Kramer

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