Re: Outline mode

From: Ruth A. Kramer <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 14:17:37 CET

Jim Sabatke wrote:
> If abiword doesn't have this feature, are there any plans to implement
> it? This is a very important consideration for me, and I know for
> others from discussions on the OpenOffice forums (they don't have it
> either).

As others have mentioned, there is something that does folding within
lists (only, afaik). That is not the equivalent of what Word
does--folding of an entire document (or parts thereof) based on the
headings in the document.

I think there is an automatic ToC which can be helpful to at least view
the outline structure of the document.

There is a bug/RFE for outline
mode-- (AbiWord's)
Bugzilla has a voting mechanism--if you want to see this feature
implemented vote, register in bugzilla and vote. IIRC, you have 30
votes and can assign multiple votes to a single item.

BTW, in OpenOffice (or StarOffice, or both) you can bring up a panel
that shows the outline structure of the document--I think the <F9> key
does it.

Randy Kramer
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