AbiWord: Suggest Ideas

Have an idea for a new feature or a change that would make AbiWord better? We'd love to hear from you!

Please submit the idea as a feature request in bugzilla. This is exactly like reporting a Bug, the only difference is that you put "Enhancement" as the Bug's severity. And to help keep the Bug database up to date, you should also revisit the Bug after creaing it, and add the 'rfe' keyword.

Once the idea is in BugZilla, developers will see it and then they can go about implementing it when they have the time.

Contracting AbiWord Work

If you have a burning desire to see a specific feature added and are not willing to wait for some random developer to pick it as a weekend project, you are welcome to contact the developer list and offer to pay someone for implementing the feature. Please prefix the subject of such mails with [REWARD]. If you are lucky someone will bite, or at the very least comment on the requested feature.