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FAQ: Does AbiWord have a scripting language?

Yes, in fact it has three -- there is support for Perl, Python, and Shell. In the future others may be supported.

  • Perl support is in both the 1.0.x (now obsolete) and 2.0.x release series, however you must use a build with it enabled. The Linux builds may have it enabled, however the Windows builds do NOT (as it has not compiled with perl scripting enabled on Windows for some time).
  • The ScriptHappy plugin allows you to have the output of an sh-run script piped directly into your document.
  • The AbiCommand plugin complements this with its own syntax for AbiWord document manipulation (for use from the command line). To see what commands are currently supported, execute: "abiword --plugin AbiCommand" and type at the "AbiWord:>" command prompt "help".

Things to be answered:

  • Where can you find instructions for using Perl?
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