Re: Where is the thesaurus

From: <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 08:03:16 CET

Nicholas Jessen wrote:
> I have used some of the earlier versions of Abiword in the past and have really enjoyed working
> with it, but there used to be a thesaurus (Akisaurus)... what ever happened to it. Under both
> Linux and Windows, after installing the tools, I still don't have any thesaurus. Have there some
> problems building the thesaurus for the current versions of Abiword?

The Aiksaurus plugin doesn't currently build with MinGW on Windows, so
it hasn't been packaged with any 2.2.x tools installer, unfortunately
(this issue is filed as bug 7114 in bugzilla). I'm not sure about
Aiksaurus on linux, though.
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