Re: Problem displaying Abiword help on Linux

From: Tom Williams <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 20:38:01 CET

Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> AbiWord tries to use a web browser to access its
> online help. If you have AbiWord-gnome installed, it
> will use Gnome's default browser (i.e. whatever you
> configure in Gnome's Control Center). If you're not
> running AbiWord-gnome, we go through a list of
> browsers and try to run the first one that we find.
> But before we do that, we query the environment
> variable "BROWSER" (a few other projects do this hack
> too) and if that's present, use whatever browser that
> specifies.
> So, I strongly recommend using AbiWord-gnome. Absent
> that, I strongly recommend setting the BROWSER
> environment variable in some init script if you care
> about what browser is running. Absent that, I'd get in
> touch with your distro's representatives, because the
> package of Galeon that they ship appears to be broken.
> Best,
> Dom

Thanks for this info. I'm using a Slackware 8-based Linux system and I do have
an outdated GNOME installation that I don't use as I run Enlightenment with no
desktop environment. Setting the "BROWSER" environment variable worked
beautifully! Thanks!


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