Re: Problems with losing formatting when saving documents

From: Dom Lachowicz <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 14:51:51 CET

> > I can create a document and save it in Word format
> just fine. I can
> > open it and the formatting is retained fine (I've
> got some bold and
> > italic words). When I save the document as HTML
> (either HTML 4.01 or
> > XML 1.0), I lose the bold and italics formatting.
> Is this normal?
> I looked at the Export - HTML bugs currently in
> Bugzilla, and don't see
> one mentioning loss of bold or italic formatting. It
> would be
> appreciated if you filed a bug report (with a
> reproducible test case) in
> Bugzilla to prevent this issue from being forgotten
> about (and to
> facilitate its eventual fixing). Thanks.

That would be this commit:

Please upgrade to AbiWord 2.2.4 when it is released in
a few days. Your bug is already fixed.


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