Re: OSX Dialogs Etc.

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Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 05:50:39 CET

Andy Staines wrote:
> Hi
> Firstly - thanks Frank for your very informative help on the templates
> location.
> I realise that OSX Abiword is very much work-in-progress and I have
> scoured the web pages now. There are just a couple of questions I have
> to make me 'comfortable' with using Abiword as my wp.
> (1) Am I to assume that the disabled options in the preference panes
> have just not been fully developed yet? Such as - default paper size;
> Dictionary preference; Custom Dictionary etc. I'm happy to be patient
> but was worried I might have a faulty install or have not done something
> I should!
> (2) The screen shots of Cocoa dialogs on the web site include a page
> setup dialog (margins etc.,) that I don't get in the application. Is
> this correct or, again, am I missing something?

According to Bug 8069, the page setup dialog can be opened with File >
Page Setup or Format > Document on Mac, which is the same for Windows.

> (3) I downloaded the UK English dictionary but am not able to select it
> anywhere (disabled option as above). Also - during spell checks I have
> requested the system to 'add' a new word but upon next opening the
> document the same spellings are underlined. Again - is this just not
> implemented yet?
> I love the look of Abiword and look forward to it being fully finished
> on the Mac. I am just concerned that I have not set it up properly! Once
> again I applaud those giving so much effort for the many.
> Thanks for any advice and help and explanations that can be offered.
> Andy
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