Aiksaurus, thesaurus, services,... (Re: Assorted recommendations)

From: Francis James Franklin <>
Date: Tue Feb 01 2005 - 18:46:41 CET

Hi Y'All,

Support for MacOSX Services is on my list of things to do; there's even
a bug in bugzilla.

Aiksaurus is English only, which is a pity. It would be great if we
could develop it to use other thesaurus data files, such as those at:

Any volunteers?

The Cocoa version of Aiksaurus was developed a long time ago and
there's no plug-in for CocoaAbi, yet, but it should be easy to get one
working... also on my list of things to do.

Ciao, Frank

On 31 Jan 2005, at 13:32, wrote:
>> Use Nisus Theasurus or third party dictionaries under Services.
> AbiWord uses the excellent Aiksaurus theasurus plugin on Unix, Windows
> and
> QNX. It was our first non-import/export plugin.
> Writing a cocoa interface for Aiksaurus would be an excellent
> opportunity
> for an OSX developer to get involved in AbiWord development.
> Look into the abiword-plugins/tools directory.

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