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Welcome to AbiWord Weekly News, a newsletter for the AbiWord developer community. The AbiWord Weekly News is currently edited by E. A. Zen.

Current Edition

      This is the last week this going to look like this; I've got some hunting to do, then, I'll get the 190's to the bottom, too.

 203. Week 27 of 2004 What would have been my 100th AWN: AbiMath, SumRow, GUADEC

 198. Week 22 of 2004 Nothin' really; this was the week of the release module, though, so, that's interesting.

 197. Week 21 of 2004 2.0.7 released

 196. Week 20 of 2004 2.0.7 and Season 5

 195. Week 19 of 2004 Amazing bug squashing while Nyorp gets locked out by The Man!

 194. Week 18 of 2004 New MacOS X binary, LUDEX and Nyorp → BlueAnt swappage.

Archived Editions

 185. Week 9 of 2004 Table of Contents!

 184. Week 8 of 2004 MacOS X work, BiDi refactoring and official requirement of Gtk 2.2

 183. Week 7 of 2004 More Revisions screenshots, BeOS lives again!

 182. Week 6 of 2004 Revisions screenshots, GUADEC 5 paper, AMD64 advice, MacOS X fonts advice.

 181. Week 5 of 2004 AbiWord removed from Fedora Core, first commit to Table of Contents, and MacOS X's official developers' builds soon to come!

 180. Week 4 of 2004 2.0.3 released, Table of Contents begun, AbiWord on Irix and more users care!

 179. Week 3 of 2004 Windows Installer with more languages, MacOS X premature testing to begin and BiDi to become optional.

 178. Week 2 of 2004 AquaBuilder, Stro's present and super silliness!

 177. Week 1 of 2004 More NSIS2, NYT, Nathan and more things beginning with N.

 176. Week 52 2003 NSIS, SDW and AWN, among other alphabet soup-names, recieve many improvements.

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